Why 1893 Brand Studio?

Our name represents the merging of traditional storytelling values with modern marketing strategies. The first Tar Heel newspaper was published Feb. 23, 1893. Nearly 124 years later, the newspaper is still committed to journalism education, service through community journalism and marketing local businesses and organizations to the community.

Meet the team

Campaigns team_

Audrey Wells, campaigns team leader

Madi Coffing, campaigns team member

Jordan Hinson, sales

Julia Meder, marketing team leader

Visual and multimedia

Drew Kurzman, project manager

Aramide Gbadamosi, photographer

Langston Taylor, developer

Kasia Jordan, videographer

Violet Shen, photo and video

Arya Ji, designer

Wes Cornett, designer

Alice Wilder, audio producer

Writing and editing

Lauren Hong, project manager

Jenni Ciesielski, writer

Davis Rhodes, writer

Neecole Bostick, writer

DTH Media professional staff:

Betsy O’Donovan, general manager

Rebecca Dickenson, advertising director

Erica Beshears Perel, newsroom adviser and brand studio director